LEE DO 2008- 2010works



Curator:Liu Yishan
Exhibition Date:31stJuly—13th Aug 2010
Opening reception:3:00—6:00 PM 1th Aug  
Exhibition Venue:Hanmo Art Gallery

Desire, temptation changed into pictures more brilliant than jewels
Works are a mirror reflecting a view of the world of an artist. Lee, Do describes objects like similar figures of images reflected by a mirror, but he actually changes and overturns them just a little so we can not get a hint of the meaning.
He is asking, ‘Why do people spend money?’, ‘Who spend money?’ and ‘What is related to spending?’, enhancing product images of the consumption society and showing spending tastes by changing the size. It is based on the stories of the object, instead of the stories of the subject. He is enjoying that kind of experience to express paradox and contradiction.            
Current works of Lee Do hold youth at one time, stay at moment, records the moment, show the past repeatedly and reproduce youth as if they confirm and verify the current images without a change. Attire for shooting just a scene or luxurious accessories work as a sign and radiate the mature present. His works have distinctive intention like the clothing esthetic shown in the fetish look of Jean-Paul Gaultier. Attachment to accessories means that youth lasts for just a short time, but holds out as pictorial figures. In this condition, richness or happiness reveals itself and shows another disconnection. Expressions of beauty do not overlap are developed into paintings more strongly alluring than sunshine like counterpoint of independent life.

Feellings of Life-Xu Haidong's Solo Exhibition



XuHaidong:two interdependent contradictions and silent resistance

Xu Haidong is a young artist who pay more attention to the real world.He like to show his real feeling of the times.He is poor at talking in the real world,but is good at expressing though painting. In Xu Haidong’s works, whether it is the memories of the past, the future vision, or the current thinking, we can find him in the real world and the painting world.confused、dissatisfied,but still in ideal. The rapid development of modern society will bring unreasonable、imperfect systemThe contradiction is obvious, that can be proved in the biological world.XuHaidong showed his views ingeniously,this owe to his serious attitude and nicer capabilities of drawing.

Environmental Art——John Dahlsen's Exhibition



John Dahlsen exhibition at Hanmo Gallery. Artist Statement 2010:

My environmental art work which also incorporates sculpture and assemblage, has evolved to include painting again, which was my main medium for many years prior to my working for over 12 years with found objects; making sculptures and assemblages from beach found plastic litter, which were largely based upon environmental artist themes, taking society's discarded objects of the everyday and transforming them into formal compositions.

All the landscape and seascape paintings exhibited in this exhibition at Hanmo Gallery, were painted as a continued response to our local environment.I remember saying in interviews with the media during the late 90’s, that I hoped that one day I would see less and less litter washing up on our beaches, so that quite naturally my work would find a new direction. This has now happened – on a local level at least.  The situation on a global level has worsened considerably.The viewer can see these works have a certain unmistakable mood within each piece, which has been written about by Dr Jacqueline Millner from the University of Western Sydney: “This play between abstraction and figuration, between synthetic/organic matter and immateriality in the purge paintings, has been applied in Dahlsen’s most recent works to landscapes — dark works whose subtle references to environmental degradation all but disappear before forcefully catching you unawares.This tension between inorganic abstraction and emotionally charged organism lends these works particular resonance, given their inception in the politics of environmental art. They play out, in elegant and economical aesthetics, the unstable boundaries between the natural and the artificial, reminding us of Wendell Berry’s paradox that ‘the only thing we have to preserve nature with is culture; the only thing we have to preserve wildness with is domesticity’ Steven Alderton, in his Artspeak column in The Northern Star, went on to say about the new work: "John has been working on a very successful new body of work that extends from his previous enviro sculptures into paintings. They are of the places he has collected detritus for his sculptures. The subject matter also happens to be Byron Bay, a place of infinite beauty and great affection. "After more than 10 years of collecting beach found objects and subsequently making art out of them, I’ve naturally come now to a new form of expression, which was brought on significantly as a result of the decrease in litter either washing up or being left behind on our beaches, as well as a result of my purge painting series and exploration.Painting the Byron Bay local seascapes and landscapes, mostly images seen by me on my daily walk around the lighthouse and beaches, are painted somewhat with a sense of urgency, due to my ever growing concerns about global warming and its impact.

Autumn cicada——PengGuangjun’s work exhibition



Exhibition name:Autumn cicada——PengGuangjun’s work exhibition
Exhibition Date:2 Oct—23 Oct 2010
Opening reception:3:00—6:00 PM 2th Oct 2010
Organizer:Hanmo Art Gallery
Email: hanmoart@yahoo.cn