Early Spring--Wu Guanzhong's selected printmaking



Their Horns--Yan Chao's solo exhibition



Luster of Time--Yan Bo's new works exhibition



Contemporary art aggressively incorporates first the sense of hearing, then smell and touch in itself for future possibilities. The paintings exhibited here have witnessed introduction of the sense of touch, which enables us to feel the depth of the objects. Whether appreciated from distance or up close, this depth, achieved through the object itself rather than grand theme and visual illusion, produces the aviation and tension delivering unprecedented aesthetic enjoyment to the viewers.

Hanmo Art Gallery Autumn Exhibition



Out of The Theme



The Shape and Dimension of Thinking



Exhibition name:"The shape and dimension of thinking "
                             ——Chinese young artists' works exhibition (painting,installation and video)
Exhibition Duration:27 Aug2011—22 Sept 2011
Organizer:Hanmo Art Gallery

A Night at The Circus



There are two kinds of people in this world, one that entertains , the other observes. I am standing under the spotlight, with all the eyes on me. I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins. I am ready to break! When I crack that whip, taking you on a journey with me, it's just like a night at the circus!

Gazing--Peng Pai solo exhibition